Friday, July 13, 2012

4 of Wands

Friday 13th and a 4 of Wands day... nice!

I like this card, love the egg shaped house in the tree's, like a giant House Martin's nest, all ready for the two lovers to snuggle into. House Martins are one of the birds I really miss from England, they always come back to the same nest each year unless it is disturbed, so when painting the outside I was uber careful not to disturb it.

Deviant Moon - 4 of Wands

So this is about stability, strong foundations and domestic life according to the LWB.... it can be seen as a marriage card too... don't think so in my case ;-/ This is the base of a project or stage of life, I am not sure what it could relate to in my life right now in this way, but there are other things I see here. It is about being able to enjoy something you have achieved through your hard work and maybe that's what it is telling me. I cannot enjoy my home right now, there seems so much to do, and it gets me down.

The two people are looking at each other with love and gratitude, the atmosphere is joyful and ahead of them is the house at the end of the path.... looking towards or back on what they have created and now they are thankful, for that and for each other. They haven't lost site of their goal, which is something we all do if we are not careful. This couple have enjoyed the journey too, something else that can be lost along the way when we are rushing to get things done.

A friend said three very simple words to me the other day.... which does fill me with a sense of the unbounded joy and celebration of the 4 of Wands...

Life is *HUGE*

It is indeed.... sometimes we forget how huge it can be, and how full.

So gratitude, and joy for what I have achieved so far, and celebration with those I have achieved it with :)

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