Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Lovers

The Lovers is a very appropriate card for me at this time... a card of choice, the diverging paths on the highway of life.... decisions to make and free will to make them. A lot can depend on the choice though.... and it will not be easy to please everyone.

Deviant Moon - The Lovers

It is also about falling for something, or somewhere, or someone in a BIG way... which makes choice almost impossible as you could feel you have none, if the passion is so great. This is how I felt when I decided to move to New Zealand, I see that now. Especially the crazy and foolish aspect of such a leap of faith... very much The Lovers card.

Now I am unsure which way to go, but I do feel at a crossroads, like it's time for change..... or maybe it's time to fall in love... always have to be careful of that wee serpent though....

Looking in my old Eileen Connolly book her prayer for the lovers is very much what I have been asking the universe recently. For guidance.... this card tells us to listen to our inner voice. Amazingly this also ties in with todays horoscope from my guru Jonothan Cainer, whom I have read for many years, from way way back in the UK when he started doing the forecast in the Daily Mail. Jonothan tells us Cancerians to ignore the loud shouting and proclamations, as you will learn far more from the quiet whispers, especially within a relationship. This too is appropriate for me....

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