Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Tarot Bags.....!

Just had to show you some more bags, before they all go. These are my Jester Bags, suitable for keeping all kinds of magical objects safe. I like the flat bottoms but for Tarot decks some people prefer them to be made envelope style. They are great for crystals or runes too. I like to use fun contrasting fabrics and add bells for some jingle to the points. My Faerie Deck is rather attracted to the one on the left with the purple lining! The red one I traded for a gorgeous Rabbit Tarot.. (more about that in another post.)

Magical Jingling Jester Bags 
I had an idea of making bags for each of the four elements... to suit various decks, or just because! The one showmn below is crocheted in many weights and textures of yarn, from really fine and whispy to soft and chunky silk thread. This bag was my Air element bag. I prurposely had lacey stitches to give the feeling of airiness, and the colours were chosen to match different aspects of the sky and clouds.

Air Element Tarot Bag 

Next another knitted bag, but very different from my Deviant Moon one.... I taught myself this lovely leafy/tree style stitch and knitted this bag using an oatmeal coloured pure wool. I am currently using it as nesting space for my Well Worn Path and Hidden Path oracle decks, which I like to use together.

Knitted Tarot Bag with Tree Stitch  

Now this beauty is my Fire element bag, I love this, it feels soooo good! The main part of the bag that holds the deck is crocheted in soft orangey cotton yarn, and I added a gorgeous flamelike eyelash fibre into the mix to crochet the flap! I must take another pic of it closed to show it in it's full glory. Not sure which deck to give this bag to yet, currently it is being checked out by the Cat People!

Fire Element Tarot Bag

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  1. hi Bobby are the jingling jester bags for sale please? or indeed a raggedy wrap one?