Friday, December 28, 2012

Two of Swords again....!

Today I got the Two of Swords again, from the same Bohemian Gothic Tarot. I shuffled well and counted through to 28 (todays date), and up it came. As I had already gotten it 3 days ago I decided to ask the cards why... whats the message? I drew the Six of Cups in answer.

Two of Swords & Six of Cups - Bohemian Gothic Tarot

So.... if the two of Swords shows blind instinct and the Six of Cups shows innocence, then I see this as a time to go back to basics, simple blind, childlike faith.. and intuition.

I think the Six of Cups has a shadowy side for definite..... and this is a Sun influenced card to balance the Moon influence on Two of Swords.. Both images on the cards seem to be set in the darker hours of the day though. I would say the Six of Cups is early morning. Maybe these two are sneaking out before anyone else is awake, as they know what they are doing is against someone's rules. This card could also be something like "make hay while the sun shines....". It has the children and they look a couple of rascals, it also has the blue flowers which I see as Morning Glory, and these signify the shortness of mortal life, as their own life is less than one day.

They are in a graveyard, so have lost someone, maybe their mother, but she wants them to carry on and enjoy life while they have it. The buildings in the background make me think of turning ones back on authority, and grown up rules. Its time to play.

There is of course a warning though, from the Two of Swords, to look before you decide which path to take. If I had to choose a song for this card I think I would choose this.

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