Saturday, December 29, 2012

The High Priestess

I have been feeling more at peace with myself recently, less likely to become stressed or feel guilty for things I shouldn't feel guilty about. I was thinking about this earlier, and so when I did my daily draw I asked what was the best advice the cards could give me to help me maintain  and even add to this feeling of all being pretty much well in my world.

I shuffled the Bohemian Gothic and randomly cut a few times. The card I turned over was The High Priestess.

If I stick to the traditional RWS meanings this makes a lot of sense, even reading it intuitively I come up with similar stuff. Amazing card that lead me on quite a journey through ancient alchemy and the discovery of Colloidal Gold and it's use in medicine, to old buildings in Prague and the use of white gloves in the Catholic church.

The High Priestess is covered in rich robes in the colours of the four elements. She is protected by the robes and the elements. On her hands she wears white gloves, in the Catholic church these white gloves are only ever worn by a conductor of ceremony, usually the Priest or maybe even The Pope. In her gloved hand she holds a vial on a stand, filled with rosy coloured liquid, it coud be blood, or wine that has been blessed, but I think it is Colloidal Gold, used by alchemists and scientists over time for healing and enhanced intelligence. A side effect of this chemical is a grey or pale mauve palor to the skin, this would explain the unreal, vampire like color of her face.

This robed Priestess sits between two old stone pillars topped with skulls. One is lit up by the last rays of the sun but the other has already fallen into shadow.  The town in Bohemia where these pillars stand, also houses the Bone Church. Home to the bones of 40,000 human skeletons, this chapel is dark and painful and yet beautiful, the art is exquisite. These people mainly died of the plague, but the chapel seems to honor those lives and show that they belong in higher places. Who knows what spiritual transformations can be brought about when one is surrounded by death and has only death for a future.

It feels like she stands before a gateway to whatever is beyond, and like with the Sphinx, unless you have the right skills you cannot pass her. The light is behind her so I am thinking that you need to get those skills in order to move forward, get past the darkness of the columns and move into into the light. Perhaps you need to partake of that liquid first, Elixir of Life. Only we can know what our particular elixir is.... I think to solve the riddle we need to find it.

And that answers my question :)

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