Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Knight....

Kind of appropriate to get a Knight for Christmas Eve... (playing on words here but that's ok , anything goes!), especially the Knight if Wands as it is quite a magical time of year.

This guy from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot doesn't look too much like a Knight in shining armour though, more  a self centered, narcissistic creature, with his red hair and finery.

Knight of Wands - Bohemian Gothic Tarot

In the background is what looks like a tomb, so I gather he is in a graveyard, maybe his eyes look so odd because he has been crying, but I am doubtful. He doesn't look like he has much emotion in him. His riding whip and huntsman's coat speak to me of a cruel streak, a charmer, or someone who will lie and deceive to get what he wants. Perhaps he is in the graveyard for no good reason other than to fake remorse at the death of someone close.... I don't think he is alone, as he seems to be looking out at someone. Maybe he just got off his horse to approach them, on their level.. another subterfuge.

He could have come to the family tomb to say a last farewell before riding off to new adventures, with little love lost. Already his eye is on the next adventure or conquest.

For some reason this card reminds me of The Devil card in Tarot of the Sweet Twilight... someone who is out for what he can get and see's a good thing coming.

Ok I will be on guard!!

The wood and graveyard though remind me of taking time out, quiet and solitude and destressing, away from the hustle and bustle of crowds and shops and car parks and pavements ....  yep its ben one of those days!!

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