Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Energy

I love the word Tuesday, I wanted to call one of my children Tuesday, but the closest to a Tuesday was my son who was born at 10.33 on a Monday evening. Today I wouldn't need them to be born on that day to name them Tuesday, because now I don't need a reason to do things.... I like signs though... some kind of guidance is good, no matter how subtle.

So today I asked the cards what energy I needed..... for healing... I felt low....low spirits and low energy and I didn't know why.

These are the cards I drew:

Queen of Wands - Victorian Romantic and Two of Chalices from Ludy Lescot

The Queen of Wands is shown here looking very confident and self assured. She wears her regal purple dress with frills and bustle, but I cant help but noticing that it also has big pom pom buttons which remind me of clown suits! Another playful side is show by the mask she carries. This could show a darker side to her nature, maybe to wear when her passion rises, or is it something she has now stopped wearing as she has grown more into her true nature and no longer needs to hide it?

Her Wand is a large parasol in fiery orange and she wears a ribbon on her hat to match. So while passion may go to her head it also connects her to the ground. She looks at her people, knowing she is adored by them and in return they can trust her to be a true and just monarch. The blue of the hydrangea on her parasol is a symbol of heartfelt devotion.... its literal meaning, from the Greek hydro and angeion, means water vessel. It can be a symbol of thankfulness and gratitude... possibly given to her by one of her people. The sunflowers in the background are representative of adoration and joy.... there is a Greek myth about a yellow flower which is very fitting. From Squidoo:
Clytie, the water nymph, was in love with Apollo, the Sun God, who later became known as Helios. She would stare up at Apollo, hoping he would glance her way. But Apollo was in love with someone else and never did favor Clytie with his gaze. When Clytie realised that Apollo was never going to return her love, she sank into a depression and would not eat or drink for nine days but just stare with sorrow at her unrequited love. The other Gods felt sorry for Clytie and they transformed her into a beautiful sunflower which always followed the path of the sun.
 When in bud the sunflower does follow the sun, seeking the warmth and light...but when in full bloom they always face east, which is appropriate as the sun rises in the east, and so she would look this way for Apollo's chariot to appear on the horizon each new day. What a great symcol of hope and devotion! Also of course the Sunflower has longevity and is a form of nourishment, providing hundreds of seeds for food or oil.Wonderful flower to signify the qualities of a good ruler.

I need to seek out my truth and my light and stand tall in those things... obviously!

The Two of Chalices seems to support the message of the Queen of Wands. There is the connection with the water vessel and also a need to get in touch with who you really are. This card shows two people back to back kneeling on a bed. There is a trunk against the wall and a fishing net on the bed. The windows are clouded glass, so noone can see in, they have privacy to enjoy their intimacy.  It looks like it could be a cabin in a cruise ship, with the trunk and the net. The two figures have their eyes closed, they cannot see each other and are relying on feel, even as they share the wine between their chalices, trusting it not to spill. They touch blindly, giving themselves up to the senses. If this is a ship then that itself is a vessel and the net could symbolise that they are caught up in emotions I love this card.... I love this deck!

The Two of Chalices seems to relate to my nature far more than the Queen of Wands, but maybe they are both giving me the same message. Trust my intuition, be who I am, and be proud of that.

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