Thursday, November 8, 2012

Five of Cups

Yet again the card of the day came up twice.. first it fell out of the deck and then it came up in my daily draw ritual! I will be interested to see if the same thing happens next week with a new deck choice!

I have always liked this card ... I see it very definitely as the cups that didn't get spilled rather than the three that were overturned and their contents lost. To me it means be grateful with what you have, and don't dwell on what is lost. It is a card of opportunity, to rethink your situation, count your blessings and see the lesson it brings as a gift.

Today was very definitely a Five of Cups day.... My daughter was unhappy, stuck in a place that had been expensive flight wise, and needed out. Money is not abundant right now, but all that mattered was her happiness ...  so we paid the penalty and changed the flights and now she is happy with her sister for a couple of days before returning home. That happiness is the joy contained in two goblets that were not spilled! And who cares about the 300 bucks that got tipped over? It will go to feed the earth, it's not lost, it is just a contrast to underline the joy of what we have...

I feel joy that Polly is happy and getting a visit with Tabby and Liv. I feel overjoyed in the closeness of our little family, at how my kid's care so much for each other and look out for each other. I have everything to celebrate :)

The five vessels in this card, are assumed to be all the same, but what if the spilled ones contained poison, and the full ones the elixir of life and joy? Another way of looking at the Five of Cups.

In this version from the Witches Tarot, to me the mermaid looks as if she is considering this whole thing, and maybe realising that she has lost nothing and has everything she needs and more.

Five of Cups - Witches Tarot

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