Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Five of Wands and Judgement

This week I decided to use two decks for my daily cards, in one form or another, the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight and Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. Today I drew one card from each deck; the Five of Wands and Judgement respectively.

Five of Wands - Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

The fire continues from yesterdays King of Wands.... it seems to be building up in fact... if my mood is anything to go by. A burning for change. This card showing today is illustrating my inner conflicts, indecision, not knowing which way to go. I have several people telling me what is best for me, but I need to step back and work out what is best for myself.

The trouble is that outside of me there are all the opinions of my nearest and dearest pulling me different ways, and inside I have my own muddled ideas and half though out plans. There seems to be no clear way, like the creatures in the picture, they seem to be working together but actually they are not, they are either confused as to the rules or looking to see what each other is doing as they have no idea themselves.

It would be nice to have someone to work with to help me see things clearly, none of these gals seem to be paired up, but all leaving the *party* with a rather lost look. Maybe they came to the wrong party... and ended up more conflicted that they started. Anyway the 5's are often about change, and I feel change in the air. I need to fire myself up to maker it happen... and if it is not right, well.. I can always make another change.

Five of Wands & Judgement

Judgement - Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

Hurrah the sax is playing and we are awakened from sleep....jumping and dancing for joy.. come to the Jazz party and boogie on down.... Time for reawakening and to reinvent yourself.... you've had plenty of time for sleeping and now the big day is here...

All change requires sacrifice of some sort... the blue (bluesy jazzy boogie on down n dirty..) tone of this card speaks of some regrets maybe or sorrows... but you can't take everything with you or there would be no change ... no freedom ......

Kris Kristofferson wasn't joking when he sang "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.....'

Endings and beginnings... realisation that it's time to try something different, I been at this particular blues fest for long enough. Time to rise up and greet the winds of change... and I can bring some of the good stuff with me...

Its like I am literally being called out of the grave like those in the traditional Judgement concept... at least something in me is, something that has been lying dormant,  waiting for the chance to be let loose.... my Gypsy!!! Sooooo its quite apt, that before I drew these cards I spent hours on Trademe looking at housebuses for sale :)

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